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Updated 11:00 AM March 15, 2004



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Office of the President seeks input
Chancellor review process to begin in Flint

President Mary Sue Coleman has initiated the University's standard reappointment review process for U-M-Flint Chancellor Juan Mestas, who has served in the role since 1999 and whose term expires Sept. 19.

The process follows the customary practice of the University to conduct a comprehensive review when a chancellor has expressed interest in reappointment. U-M chancellors are appointed to five-year terms by the University president with the approval of the Board of Regents.

Coleman is seeking input from faculty, students, staff and alumni of U-M-Flint, particularly about the most important needs and opportunities the Flint campus will face during the next several years. She also invites comment about Mestas's leadership as chancellor, and his ability to guide the campus as it meets future challenges and opportunities.

Faculty and staff have received a letter or e-mail from Coleman soliciting comment. The Office of the President will work with student government to seek student input.

On April 5, Coleman will visit the Flint campus as part of the review process, and she and Mestas will conduct meetings with faculty, staff, student and alumni leaders about the future of U-M-Flint. An open forum also will be scheduled, and all faculty, staff and students will be invited to participate. Additional information will appear in future editions of UM Flint Today.

The review process also includes solicitation of comments from local leaders in the community and various knowledgeable people whom the president or her designee will contact. Coleman hopes to receive all comments by April 9.

Any interested parties who wish to contribute their thoughts may send comments to; President Mary Sue Coleman, Re: U-M-Flint Chancellor Review, Office of the President, 2060 Fleming Administration Building, The University of Michigan, 503 Thompson St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1340; or by fax to (734) 936-3529.

All input will be treated as confidential. Only summaries of input will be used in subsequent discussions with Mestas.

For further information about the reappointment review, please contact Gary Krenz, special counsel to the president, at (734) 764-6270 or

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