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Week of March 15, 2010

Old school: U-M in history

U-M Architecture: Newberry Hall, 434 S. State

 Courtesy Bentley Historical Library.

Workers near completion on Newberry Hall, which was dedicated in June 1891. It was a gift of Helen H. Newberry of Detroit, to serve as headquarters of Students’ Christian Association. It was leased by U-M as classrooms in 1921 and adapted as a museum in 1928. It was named the Francis W. Kelsey Museum of Archaeology in 1953.

This week in history (70 years ago)

The Preview of Spring Style for men, in the Michigan Daily, opened with the admonition, “In short, you’ve got to wear a hat this spring.” Men were encouraged to choose hats with lighter, welted edge, rakish crown, swagger brims. That is, unless one chose to opt for the “crusher,” a lightweight hat that could be rolled up and put in a pocket, which still looked smart when unrolled to wear. Considered particularly sporty was a snap-brim hat with a game bird feather in its band to emphasize its “rakishness.”

Readers share memories:

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Carrie Stefanski, right, marketing communications specialist, Information & Technology Services, on roller derby action: “I was able to get up quickly and rush to the front of the pack and knock down the opposing jammer. It was very satisfying.”