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Week of September 20, 2010

Question of the Week

This fall, LSA’s theme semester is “What Makes Life Worth Living?” How would you answer this question?

Nick Tobier, associate professor of art, School of Art & Design
“The moments of connection among individuals and their surroundings — whether these be with another (a great conversation) or in a moment of solitary appreciation of the present (environment, circumstance). For me, when I can shake the directives of the ego-driven mind and find myself connected and aware of the present without judgment, I'm pretty much living as fully as possible. Photo courtesy Nick Tobier.


Laura Seagram, marketing and communications specialist, University Unions
“I think pursuing our potential in relationships, work, activities and spiritual connections while exploring the world around us, and making a positive impact on others makes life worth living.” Photo by Jillian Bogater.

Irene Hsu, U-M senior, Taiwan
“To fulfill a dream doing what you want to do, that makes life worth living. To follow your heart. I found anthropology, which I’m really interested in studying. It’s important to do something that I will succeed in.” Photo by Jillian Bogater.

—Compiled by Jillian Bogater; photos by Jillian Bogater.

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