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Week of March 5, 2012

Google email now in effect for those new to Ann Arbor campus

Starting today (March 5) Information and Technology Services (ITS) no longer will provide IMAP email accounts to new faculty, staff, students and sponsored affiliates on the Ann Arbor campus.

Instead, those new to campus will get Google Apps UMICH accounts. This will happen automatically — departments do not need to request Google accounts for people new to the university. 

A Google Apps UMICH account provides access to more than 40 collaborative services including Google Mail, Calendar, Docs and more. Those in the U-M Health System and other departments where Google Mail and Calendar will not be used because of restricted-data issues will get accounts that do not include these two services.

The MCommunity Directory manages creation of the Google accounts. An incoming member of the U-M community needs three things to get a Google Apps UMICH account:

• A uniqname (

• An MCommunity Directory profile (

• A U-M Ann Arbor affiliation

As soon as all three are in place, MCommunity triggers creation of a Google Apps UMICH account. Whether or not the account includes access to Mail and Calendar depends on the person’s departmental affiliation.

For more about Google at U-M, see

For details about when people get their uniqnames, directory profiles and more, see “Getting a Uniqname, MCommunity Directory Profile and Computing Services” (



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