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Week of April 29, 2013

Old school: U-M in History

Auto magnate

Ford Motor Co. founder Henry Ford is presented with an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree during 1926 commencement ceremonies. — Courtesy Bentley Historical Library

This month in history (48 years ago)

James Reston, associate editor of  The New York Times, in his May 1, 1965, commencement address at U-M titled “Commencement of  What?” said, “The happiest men and women I know are not those who are providing the material things that clutter up our lives and dull our minds, or even those who escape from the struggle, but those who are engaged in the tasks that nourish and elevate the human spirit.” — Courtesy Bentley Historical Library

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Dona Kennedy, school recorder-evaluator in the School of Social Work, on what she learned by keeping animals: “I learned about care and responsibility through my parents and being exposed to animals for the majority of my life.”