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Week of January 21, 2013

Redesigned Diversity website unveiled on Gateway

The defining role of diversity at U-M is illustrated in countless ways — from a visionary statement by President James B. Angell 134 years ago to the Bentley Historical Library’s “Diversity Timeline,” contemporary academic papers and symposia, news reports and public fora.

Today diversity also has a renewed footprint on the Gateway — the university’s online “front door.”

A click on “Diversity” in the Gateway’s Focus box will take you to the Diversity Matters at Michigan (DM@M) website, re-launched today with a comprehensive redesign — its first since it was created in 2007.

DM@M provides an exhaustive, easy-to-navigate compilation of information and resources that support and advance diversity on and off campus, in research, outreach, news and events, student, faculty and staff resources, honors and awards, and more.

The redesign grows from a continuing collaboration that began at the time of the site’s inception, between the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and the Office of the Vice President for Global Communications.

“When we asked a broad range of stakeholders to tell us what they believe to be the most valuable characteristic of U-M’s size, the No. 1 answer was diversity. We are proud that diversity is a central element in the University of Michigan’s identity,” said Lisa Rudgers, vice president for global communications and strategic initiatives. “But we need to do a better job communicating about the wide range of resources, infrastructure and activities our campus has to offer. This redesigned website is a valuable step toward greater awareness.”

Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Lester Monts said he believes the website’s “information is central to the university’s mission.”

“We encourage students to question old assumptions and think about new and meaningful ways to address issues.” Monts said. “Their success is ensured by our expectation of excellence in everything we do.

“A broadly diverse community of people and perspectives is key to that excellence. In its nearly 200 years, the university has made important gains, but we have more work to do.”

DM@M reflects U-M’s commitment to that work, and invites every member of the university community to ask the important questions and take the large and small steps toward critical change.


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