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Week of June 24, 2013

Fischer Newman to chair Board of Regents; White named vice chair

Regent Andrea Fischer Newman will serve as the next chair of the Board of Regents for a one-year term beginning July 1. Regent Katherine White was named vice chair when the appointments were announced by Regent Laurence Deitch June 20 at the board’s monthly meeting.

According to regents bylaws, the chair and vice chair are appointed based on seniority, and the vice chair automatically succeeds to the position of chair.

Primary duties of the chair include: setting the annual schedule of meetings, agenda and major topics for presentation or study by the board; monitoring committee agenda planning for coordination and comprehensiveness; acting as spokesperson and convener of the board, when appropriate; presiding over executive sessions when held without the president; and appointing the chair and members of the ad hoc and standing committees.

If the president is unable to attend a public meeting or must be out of the room during any part of the meeting, the chair will preside. If the chair is unable to perform the duties, the vice chair will assume them.

President Mary Sue Coleman thanked outgoing Chair Deitch and Vice Chair Fischer Newman for their leadership in the last year.

“Your hard work was largely unrecognized, but the leadership you provided was critical,” Coleman said. “I look forward to working with Regent Newman and Regent White in upcoming months.”


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