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Week of May 20, 2013

Faculty Governance report to the Board of Regents

Editor’s note: The following is a reprint of the faculty governance monthly report to the Board of Regents. Portions may have been edited for space by members of the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs.

Subject: Faculty Governance update

SACUA Chair Kim Kearfott presented the annual chair’s report to regents at the April meeting. Below is a list of faculty governance activities from the 2012-13 academic year:

SACUA Elections

Officers: Chair Karen Staller (SW), Vice Chair Rex Holland (Dent).

New Members: Anne Mondro (Art), Laura Olsen (LSA), Bob Ziff (Engin).

Continuing Members: Charlie Koopmann (Med), Finn Larsen (LSA), Scott Masten (Bus), Sally Oey (LSA).


Annual SACUA Retreat, UM-Dearborn Faculty Governance Annual Retreat, Committee Day Luncheon, New Faculty Orientation, New Student Convocation, Faculty Awards Dinner, Regent Candidates Forum, Speaker on University of Virginia Governance Issues UVA Faculty Governance Chair George Cohen, Academic Freedom Lecturer Yale Law School Dean Robert Post, Winter Commencement, Honors Convocation, University Senate Workshop on College Affordability and Accessibility.


Creation of Provost’s Advisory Committee on University Affairs (PACBA) and Committee on University Values, Improved all Committee Charges and some Committee Names and Functions, Expansion of Faculty Grievance Monitor (FGM) Role and Resources, Private Meetings with Regents, Informal Chairs’ Report to Regents on CESF Issues.


University Press, Benefits (long-term disability), President and Executive Officer Searches, White Papers to Regents, Implementation of Revised Faculty Grievance Procedures at the Unit Level, Governance Issues at the University of Virginia, Sexual Harassment SPG Revision, Bullying SPG Development, Security Cameras, ABIA Issues, Honorary Degrees, Background Checks, Fitness for Duty, Big Ten Presidents’ Statement on Athletes and Academics, CESF Issues.


President Mary Sue Coleman, President Emeritus James Duderstadt, Associate Vice President for Human Resources Laurita Thomas, Provost Phil Hanlon, Provost-elect Martha Pollack, Regent Bernstein, Regent White, Regent Diggs, Regent Darlow, Associate Provost Jeff Frumkin, Vice Provost Whitman, UM-Dearborn Faculty Governance Chair John Poster, UM-Flint Faculty Governance Chair Ken Schilling, UM-Dearborn CESF Chair Frank Massey, UM-Flint CESF Chair Mike Farmer, UVA Faculty Governance Chair George Cohen, Yale Law School Dean Robert Post, Professor Suellyn Scarnecchia, Interim DPSS Director Joe Piersante, NCAA FAR Anne Curzan, Faculty Members of ABIA, AD David Brandon, Rackam Dean Janet Weiss, Vice President and Secretary Sally Churchill, Faculty Ombuds Mike Welsh, Vice President Stephen Forrest, Chief Investment Office Eric Lundberg, Alumni Association Executive Director Steve Grafton.

Committee issues

Committee on University Values: Newly Formed, White Papers (Diversity, Presidential Search Procedures and Presidential Traits).

Provost’s Advisory Committee on Budgetary Affairs (PACBA): Newly Formed, University-wide Budget Matters, College Affordability and Access.

Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty (CESF): Reconstituted, University-wide Involvement, Informal Chairs’ Presentation to the Regents.

Committee for an Inclusive University: Values Diversity Statement.

Student Relations Advisory Committee: Sexual Harassment SPG Revision, Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities.

General Counsel Advisory Committee: Academic Freedom, Revised Sexual Harassment SPG, Fitness for Duty, Gender Identity.

Committee on Civil Liberties: Planned Fall 2013 Symposium.

Advisory Committee on Academic Affairs: Diversity Issues.

Development Advisory Committee: Overseas Development.

— Submitted April 2013.


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