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Week of October 14, 2013

Don't miss: Kunlun wildlife celebrated

The natural wonders and wildlife of China’s Kunlun Mountains are the focus of the presentation “Beautiful Landscape: Kunlun National Park,” at noon Wednesday in the Art Lounge, Michigan Union, presented by The Confucius Institute.

The presentation is by MA Weidong, a philanthropist and founder of Kunlun National Park. It coincides with “Kunlun Wild Life: Photography Exhibition,” presented through Oct. 31 at the Michigan Union Art Lounge, and from Oct. 21-Nov. 9 at Atrium 4, Palmer Commons.

Kunlun National Park is the focus of a program at noon Wednesday in the Art Lounge, Michigan Union.
 Photo courtesy Kunlun National Park (Qinghai, China).

Kunlun is in Qinghai Province, China’s most ethnically diverse and the least-populated province, known for mountain peaks, high plains, sheep herders, wild yaks, temples and small farms. Currently, Kunlun National Park is being developed in partnership with Yellowstone National Park in an effort to preserve the natural beauty and wildlife of the Kunlun Mountains.

The exhibits will present more than 100 photographs showcasing mountain life and park environments. For further information on the presentation or exhibits, contact


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