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Week of September 30, 2013

New smart signs at campus bus stops

In a continued effort to improve the commuter experience, Parking & Transportation Services has installed smart signs at nearly every campus bus stop.

The new signs feature a Quick Response code and Near Field Communication tag making it easier for campus commuters to access bus schedule information. Any passenger with a smartphone or mobile device with either of these applications will be able to scan or tap the displayed code and receive bus schedules for that stop.

“We are always looking for ways to make it easier for our commuters to get around campus,” said Keith Johnson, associate director of PTS. “Having the ability to get information out that is accurate and current is a cool use of technology.”

PTS officials also can add bus information during season days when the number of buses running has been reduced or stopped, or for detoured and temporary stops, such as during the Art Fair.

The smart signs do not yet provide real-time bus arrival information. Bus passengers looking to track live arrival times should continue to use the Web-based “Magic Bus” system. The smart signs are the latest step to help commuters get the bus information they need.

In August 2012, PTS partnered with Google Transit to help campus commuters plan trips in advance using public transportation. Google Transit is a free, online public transportation-planning feature of Google Maps. It integrates transit stop, route and schedule information to make trip planning more efficient.

For more information, visit Parking & Transportation Services at:


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