The University Record, April 30, 1996

Great Lakes Radio Consortium now based in Ann Arbor at Michigan Radio

The Great Lakes Radio Consortium (GLRC), an innovative public radio project, is now based at Michigan Radio on the Ann Arbor campus.

Designed to broaden and enhance environmental coverage of the Great Lakes region, the GLRC distributes approximately six news and mini-documentary features each week at no cost to nearly 100 public radio stations, including WUOM, in nine states and Ontario. The features, created by producers from across the Great Lakes region, are designed for local broadcasts during the National Public Radio newsmagazines Morning Edition and All Things Considered .

David Hammond, GLRC managing editor, says he is committed to "breaking the boundaries" in the way stories on the environment are presented. He sees the short pieces as an excellen t opportunity to reach the public about important regional issues and force them to think beyond their local environment.

"The inter-relatedness of the region's ecosystem dictates that the Consortium have a regional focus," says Hammond. "Rarely do the media make the connection between the importance of, say, a policy decision in Toronto and the health impacts on someone in Duluth. However, it's that type of approach which is needed to solve many of the environmental problems facing us today. The Consortium will play a pivotal role in facilitating that kind of thinking."

Recent GLRC features include:


"Middle School Students Buying Pollution Credits to Reduce Air Emissions," produced by Martha Foley, Canton, N.Y.


"Native American Rock Singer Who Incorporates Environmental Themes into Music," produced by Eric Schubring, Hayward, Mich.


"Progress on the Cleanup of 'Toxic Blob' in Thunder Bay Harbor," produced by David Frood, Thunder Bay, Ont.


"Illegal Dumping in Minority Neighborhoods'---Operation Silver Shovel,'" produced by Shirley Jahad, Chicago, Ill.

The Consortium is funded by $300,000 in grants from the Great Lakes Protection Fund and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.