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July 6, 1999
Volume 54,
Number 34

Up, up and away

ASU’s Bess to head Department of Public Safety

Grand ladies—Rackham, Hill—slated for major renovations

Sikh studies professorship endowed

Regents’ Roundup

NEH's Mestas recommended as next Flint chancellor

Visa Cap: What it is, what it means for U

1999 Personal Statement of Benefits available by request

Citizens to tackle ethical implications of genetic research

Alexander named to head OSEH

Biology department receives $1 million in memory of Priscilla Harrison Connell

Student-developed Web site has inside story on spies

M-Pathways expands student administration systems

Wetzels’ $1 million gift funds projects at Library, UMS

Many schools designate students for special education to garner more state aid, says U-M study

Report released on Athletic Department financial management

Cats’ reactions to sound may help researchers learn how human brain processes and perceives sound

Michigan Great: Social scientist makes mark in many ways






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