The University Record, September 30, 1998


Patient impressed with 'kindness'

I am a patient at University Hospital and want to acknowledge the kindness I experienced in the Dermatology Clinic.

We were one day into a vacation in Saugatuck when my face turned beefy red. We immediately left for Ann Arbor and arrived at the clinic late in the afternoon. Since I didn't have an appointment, I was referred to the clinic supervisor, Carol Scheel. I was very upset and uncomfortable. She said, "We can't send you home like this." She was so kind. I saw three doctors in the clinic and after five days of treatment in the hospital my face is only pink.

I feel it's important to acknowledge her kindness to a patient.

Barbara A. Suntava, Ann Arbor resident


Staff member enjoyed years at U

I am writing this letter to express to everyone that I have enjoyed working at the University of Michigan.

Starting in September 1968 and retiring Oct. 2, 1998, I have seen changes and most of them positive. I've been involved with the skilled trades union since I started and am very proud of how the union has grown and learned more about negotiating with the U of M. The union has given the trades people a better voice and brought outstanding quality trades people to the University.

The opportunities are boundless for staff at all levels, for advancement, personal benefits and community spirit.

At the age of 56, I feel that I have a few good years left and plan to be a carpentry contractor.

My wife of 30 years, Charlotte, and I will be in the Model Conference Room, 326 E. Hoover, 2-4 p.m. Oct. 2 to shake hands and say goodbye. Please stop by.

Wishing you all health, wealth, happiness and GO BLUE!

Lew Major, carpenter, Key Office


Stacking spheres 'obvious problem'

I am impressed that someone can spend so many years on just about the most obvious "problem" I've ever seen. I just hope that the government didn't actually fund this monumental waste of time, although it wouldn't surprise me.

Jason Wedlick junior, LS&A

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