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Updated 2:30 PM April 12, 2006




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U-M team singles out cancer stem cells for attack

Close on the heels of the discovery that cancer has its own rejuvenating stem cells, a U-M research team has found a way to distinguish these bad actors from the normal stem cells they so closely resemble—and to kill the cancer stem cells without harming their normal counterparts in the same tissue. More>

Job insecurity takes toll on worker health

Amid growing news of layoffs, outsourcing, corporate bankruptcies and downsizing, a U-M study finds that feeling insecure about your job takes a toll on physical and mental health—whether you actually lose your job or not. More>

Committee calls for proposals

The committee that is guiding a $2.5 million presidential initiative to support team-teaching efforts and interdisciplinary courses and degree programs at the undergraduate level is prepared to receive proposals. More>

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