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Updated 10:00 AM April 14, 2008




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NCAA, Big Ten will not take action on athletics,
academics allegations

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Big Ten have notified the University that they do not intend to pursue allegations of academic wrongdoing raised in a recent four-part series in the Ann Arbor News. The newspaper series raised questions about the educational experience of student-athletes at the University, including assertions of academic fraud and favorable treatment.

Based on the findings of the University's multiple proactive and thorough analyses of the facts, the organizations say they will not pursue further investigation.

Prior to and again after the News began to look at the academic experience of student athletes, the University conducted investigations at the department and college levels, and notified the NCAA and Big Ten, says Kelly Cunningham, director of public affairs and media relations.

"The response of the NCAA and the Big Ten further confirms the soundness of our process for educating student athletes," Cunningham says, "and we are pleased they feel no action is called for. Our own ongoing reviews, some conducted long before the reporters began to look into these issues, found that the education of student athletes at the University of Michigan adheres to the same high standards we hold for all our students."

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