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Updated 12:15 PM September 2, 2008




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Provost appoints accreditation working groups

Over the next year U-M will work through the question of what it is to be an international university as it seeks re-accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.

In advance of an external review by HLC—one of six regional accrediting organizations— the University will complete a self-study, which officially began this past year with the appointment of Ben van der Pluijm as senior counselor to the provost for University accreditation, and with preliminary discussions on the topic of an international university with deans and others. The next phase of the self-study will involve five Accreditation Working Groups appointed by Provost Teresa Sullivan that will address the topic now through the summer of 2009.

"We are strongly committed to choosing activities in preparation for re-accreditation in 2010 that are both important to the University and of inherent interest to us as we look to the future." Sullivan says. "I thank the leadership and members of the five accreditation working groups for helping us to manifest this commitment."

Planning, information collecting, data analysis and campus discussions will take place throughout the next year, culminating in a written report toward the end of 2009. An HLC evaluation team will visit campus late in March 2010.

Universities voluntarily seek accreditation to demonstrate to the public, particularly prospective students, their commitments to quality assurance and improvement. U-M has been an accredited institution since 1913.

The University has chosen a special-emphasis study on internationalization, and the working groups each relate to criteria for meeting re-accreditation under this theme, van der Pluijm says.

Early discussions have highlighted the University's numerous research collaborations overseas, and its array of programs that provide learning opportunities for students and that expose them to global and cultural diversity.

"The Accreditation Working Groups focus on the intellectual dimensions of key campus activities, and offer a process that provides opportunity for faculty and other members of the University community to be part of this unfolding dialogue," van der Pluijm says.

"The groups represent a cross section of expertise and interests at the University of Michigan, but the members were primarily chosen on the basis of their engagement and leadership in these topics," he adds.

More information about Accreditation 2010, including the charge for the working groups, is available at

Accreditation Working Groups

Internationalizing the University: Academic Dimensions

Chair: Mark Tessler, professor of political science, LSA, and director of the International Institute

Kathleen Canning, professor of history, LSA

Alan Deardorff, professor of international economics, and economics and public policy, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

Mary Gallagher, associate professor of political science, LSA

Daniel Herwitz, professor of history of art, philosophy and comparative literature, LSA, and professor of art and design, School of Art & Design (A&D)

James Holloway, professor of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences, College of Engineering (CoE)

Peggy McCracken, professor of French, women's studies and romance languages, LSA

Rachel Snow, associate professor of health behavior and health education, School of Public Health (SPH)

Internationalizing the University: Organizational Dimensions

Chair: John Greisberger, director of the International Center

Amy Conger, director, International Programs in Engineering, CoE

Evans Young, assistant dean for undergraduate education, LSA

Amy Kehoe, academic and research program officer associate, International Institute

David Baum, assistant dean for student affairs, Law School

Joe Trumpey, associate professor of art, A&D

The Student Learning Environment

Chair: Eric Dey, associate professor in the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, School of Education

James Cogswell, professor of art, A&D

Brian Coppola, professor of chemistry, LSA

Deborah Goldberg, professor of biology, LSA

Pat Gurin, professor emerita of psychology and women's studies, LSA

Rajesh Mangrulkar, associate professor of internal medicine, Medical School

Perry Samson, professor of atmospheric science, CoE

Rich Tolman, professor of social work, School of Social Work (SSW)

The University's Knowledge
Environment and Roles of Research, Professional and Creative Activities

Chair: June Howard, professor of English, American culture and women's studies, LSA

Mark Burns, professor of biomedical engineering and chemical engineering, CoE

Juan Cole, professor of Middle Eastern and South Asian history, LSA

Jane Dutton, professor of business administration and psychology, Stephen M. Ross School of Business and LSA

Scott Page, professor of political science, complex systems and economics, LSA

James Shayman, professor of internal medicine and pharmacology, Medical School

John Wilkin, associate University librarian, University Library

Marianetta Porter, professor of art, A&D

The University's Engagement, Outreach and Service Activities

Chair: Margaret Dewar, professor of urban and regional planning, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, and director, Ginsberg Center

Julie Ellison, professor of English and American culture, LSA, and professor, art & design, A&D

Tony England, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, CoE

Lorraine Gutierrez, professor of psychology, LSA, and professor of social work, SSW

Barbara Israel, professor of health behavior and health education, SPH

Tom Kinnear, professor of entrepreneurial studies and marketing, Ross School

Richard Redman, professor, School of Nursing

Alford Young, associate professor of sociology and Afroamerican and African Studies, LSA

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