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Updated 12:15 PM September 2, 2008




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Michigan Stadium meets season open deadline

U-M Athletic Department leaders are praising the work done in short order on Michigan Stadium that wrapped up in time for the new football season.

Construction workers pose for a photo before raising the last steel beam during a topping out ceremony on the east side of Michigan Stadium. (Martin Vloet, U-M Photo Services)

The $226 million renovation and expansion project got underway the week after the last 2007 home football game. And while the project will not be completed until 2010, the first stage is finished and the stadium was put back together in time for fans to enjoy the season opener Aug. 30 against Utah.

In praising the work of Barton-Malow, notes that all the excavated dirt and backfill around the concourse if piled up would equal an 18-foot-high mound of dirt above the entire football field.

The article also states that in nine months, the construction crews have built and/or put down:

• Two family restrooms

• Six football fields worth of elevated slabs for the upper concourses

• 52 football fields worth of underground utilities (Storm, sanitary, water and gas)

• 151 caissons

• 17,000 square feet of new space in the north buildings

• More than 108,333 yards of broadcast cable

• 7,300 tons of steel fabricated and erected (in six months) for both sidelines structures

The work has been done using 240,000 person hours with no lost-time injuries, the athletic department reports.

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