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Week of February 1, 2010

Question of the Week

How do you personally support sustainability?


Paul Courant, U-M librarian and dean of libraries:


“I drive high-mileage cars (a Prius and Mini), a higher-mileage motorcycle and, in good weather, an incredibly high-mileage bicycle. And I wear sweaters in the winter and shorts in the summer.”


Kyle Petersmark, information assistant, Michigan Union Customer Service:


“I recycle all of the cardboard at my house. My roommates and I also collect all of our old aluminum cans and bring them back to Meijer.”


Ellie Schiff,U-M junior


“Instead of drinking out of plastic water bottles, I use a water filter for my tap and a Nalgene bottle. I also recycle all of my old school notebooks at the end of semesters.”


—Compiled by Emily Michels and Jillian Bogater



Teresa Herzog Mourad, on her favorite part of her job: “I am constantly inspired by changes people make in their alcohol-related attitudes and behaviors.”