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Week of February 15, 2010

In Brief

Nominations sought for CoE awards

The College of Engineering seeks nominations for its 2010 Excellence in Staff Service Award Program. All full-and part-time regular, non-faculty employees in the college, regardless of length of service, are eligible. Nominations will be accepted for individual staff members or staff work groups and teams who have taken on time-limited tasks. CoE also is seeking nominations for the 2010 Judith A. Pitney Staff Service Career Award. All full and part-time regular, non-faculty employees with a minimum of 10 years of CoE service and who meet the requirements are eligible. For more information go to Nomination packets should be addressed to the CoE Excellence in Staff Service Awards Selection Committee or Judith A. Pitney Staff Service Career Award Committee, c/o Jamie Rutledge, 2404 LEC (2102), 734-647-7060.

DPS: Stop signs mean Stop!

Stop signs and other traffic signals are intended to be obeyed so that all traffic — vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian — can proceed safely and reduce potential for injuries. Without compliance, the community’s safety is at risk.

Officers with the Department of Public Safety recently conducted a traffic survey during a Wednesday morning rush hour at the intersection of Kipke, Greene and Keech streets. In 45 minutes of observation, 100 vehicles travelled through the intersection. Only 25 vehicles came to a legal stop, DPS officials say. This result has the potential to increase the safety risk for pedestrians, many of whom are walking through the intersection from their parked vehicles to their offices, as well as drivers and bicyclists, the officials add.

Failure to stop at a stop sign or other traffic signal can result in a traffic citation for disregarding a stop sign. The penalty is three points on the driver’s license and a fine of $130. Additionally, based on behaviors of the driver and resulting actions, such as the failure to stop at the sign resulted in striking another vehicle or person, the driver could be found guilty of a misdemeanor criminal offense of reckless driving or careless driving, which is a civil infraction.

Pedestrians also should comply with appropriate traffic safety practices. When there are marked crosswalks, pedestrians should cross at the marked area rather than mid-block. Walk a few more feet to stay in the crosswalk and reduce the risk of getting hit, DPS officials say.

January 2010 crime map >



Jeanne Mackey, senior performance support analyst, Information and Technology Services, on environmental activism: “What I love about the Transition Towns approach to a low-energy future is that it draws on our hopes more than our fears.”


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