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Week of June 21, 2010

Question of the Week

What does Independence Day mean to you?

Mark Clague, associate professor of musicology, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, is a scholar of American, and especially patriotic, music
“For me, Independence Day means recapturing the joy of childhood while watching fireworks with my family. It's always worth the trouble, the bugs and the traffic to celebrate the invention of America through the eyes and ahhs of my kids.” Photo courtesy Mark Clague.

Rick Richter, web applications developer, Department of Psychology
“Freedom. Freedom to choose, to make our own decisions. What we can say, view on the Internet, where we can go, practice and worship. We take it so much for granted, what we have compared to other countries that are more restricted.” Photo by Jillian Bogater.


Patrick Connelly,
2010 U-M graduate, Marblehead, Mass.

“It means the beginning of summer. And getting together with family and friends, having fun and celebrating. And I hope we will think about what independence means to us.” Photo by Jillian Bogater.

—Compiled by Jillian Bogater.

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Betty Roon, registered nurse, University Hospital, on connecting with terminally ill patients and their families: “Just sitting with them and being an advocate for them — it’s just an honor.”


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