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Week of August 15, 2011

Question of the Week

Are you worried about how the fallout from the debt ceiling deal will affect you?

Martha Luckham, director of major and principal gifts, LSA Development, Marketing & Communications
“I am not worried about how the fallout will affect me personally, minus some uneasiness about long-term financial security. But I am concerned about all the factors that are contributing to a steady erosion of confidence in the United States as an economy and a viable institution. Dysfunctional government makes people nervous and cautious.”

Nejat Seyhun, the Jerome B and Eilene M. York Professor of Business Administration and professor of finance, Stephen M. Ross School of Business; and director of financial engineering, College of Engineering
“I expect my federal and state income taxes to increase. As the state and federal governments cut back on expenditures, I also expect higher tuition payments in the near future.”
Andrea Ronquist, 2011 U-M graduate, Newberry, Mich.
“The middle class still shares an unfair portion of the taxes and I think that’s unfair. I’m glad we didn’t default on our debt; that would have been catastrophic.”

—Compiled by Jillian Bogater.

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