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Week of August 15, 2011

CTools Mobile offers optimized view of sites

A version of CTools for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices now is available to the U-M community. CTools Mobile provides an optimized view of CTools sites, allowing users to interact with course and project sites virtually anywhere.

The CTools Mobile portal was in beta testing over the last several months. With the latest release, the CTools team offers the U‑M community a solid and feature rich offering.

“We know hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets are the primary way many people use the Internet,” says Sean DeMonner, director of Teaching and Learning for Information and Technology Services. “In fact, we surveyed a group of U-M pharmacy students from one of our mobile pilots, and found that 90 percent would use the mobile version of CTools as soon as it became available. We knew then that we needed to work hard to release CTools Mobile this summer.”

Sunmin Kim, a second-year graduate student in mechanical engineering, says she would “definitely use” CTools Mobile. “It’d be nice because I always use my phone for everything. It would be easier than going to a computer lab and logging into CTools there.”

To use CTools Mobile, launch in a mobile Web browser. The system automatically will detect that the request originated from a mobile device and will present the mobile portal. The primary target devices for CTools mobile have been iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, but the portal works in a wide variety of mobile browsers.

If one prefers to use the standard, full version of CTools on a mobile device, select the “Switch to Full View” button. There also is a “Switch to Mobile” button to toggle back to the mobile view. While nearly all of the functionality of the standard version of CTools is available via mobile, a few features are not supported in some devices.



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William Faulkner’s Artifacts of Authorship exhibit, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday, Special Collections Library

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