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Week of February 21, 2011

Question of the Week

Is continued federal support of public broadcasting important to you?


Sophia Blumenthal, U-M sophomore, Ann Arbor
“I suppose yes, it would be important. Networks like PBS and NPR are very important community-based networks. Private funding takes away that community aspect, and it’s important to have that in TV and radio.”

Christine Nordhielm, associate professor of marketing, Stephen M. Ross School of Business
“Yes. Information is a public resource and should be publicly funded. Public radio specifically is a broadly used medium. Dissemination of information should never be fully privatized.”
Chris Rutherford, program manager, Michigan Advising Corps, Center for Educational Outreach
“I would say yes. I’m a big fan of public broadcasting. I think having the federal government fund creates equality and balance in public media. I believe if you let private entities take over that funding it become more commercial.”

—Compiled and photographed by Kristin Thomas.

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