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Week of January 17, 2011

Question of the Week

How does Martin Luther King Jr. inspire you?


Joe Krajcik, professor of education, School of Education
“To me MLK meant the epitome of a visionary individual and hero in the struggle for equality amongst all groups, so he’s a very inspiring leader. It’s just a tragedy that he was killed so young in life so he couldn’t help see his ideas through. He continues to be an inspiration in my work bringing equality through education.”

Frances Medina, U-M senior, Brooklyn, N.Y.
“For me, because I’m a minority, MLK is someone I grew up knowing about. I guess he’s always been a role model for me; a symbol of strength, and someone I look up to and would like to follow in my field of work. I’m really into activism … so his message of never giving up and fighting for what you believe is important in how I carry my work on campus.”
Nyshourn Price-Reed, student services specialist, School of Social Work
“He’s my history and my legacy. The footprints that he created are the path that we follow, or at least I try to. I wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for him; being on this campus, being a social worker, being an advocate for change.”

—Compiled by Kristin Thomas; photos by Kristin Thomas.

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