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Week of March 14, 2011

Deadline extended for MHealthy Rewards health questionnaire

Based on faculty and staff feedback, MHealthy announced today (March 14) that it will extend the deadline to complete the MHealthy Rewards 2011 health questionnaire to March 25.

To date, more than 19,000 benefits-eligible employees, approximately 51 percent, have completed the confidential health questionnaire, exceeding the universitywide goal of 50 percent participation.

“We are extremely pleased with the response to this year’s Rewards program,” says LaVaughn Palma-Davis, senior director of University Health & Well-Being Services. “We’ve received a number of requests to keep the health questionnaire open so departments can continue to encourage participation. We are more than happy to accommodate to allow all who are eligible to participate and take advantage of this opportunity.”

Any qualifying benefits-eligible employee can complete the health questionnaire to get a $50 before-tax incentive and a personalized online health report that assesses current and potential health risk areas. Those who completed the health questionnaire in 2009 and/or 2010 will be able to compare their results year to year.

“For approximately 20 minutes of your time, you get valuable information about your health, simple changes you can make to improve it and a modest reward for your efforts,” Palma-Davis says. “Thousands who completed their health questionnaire earlier this year have already received their first $50 reward in their paycheck.”

An additional $50 before-tax incentive is available to Rewards participants who complete one eligible health and well-being activity by July 29. Activities include selected weight-management programs, stress-management programs, tobacco treatment programs, online education and more.

Active U 2011 (registration closed in February), which also saw record participation of more than 12,000 people, also qualifies for Rewards credit.

Palma-Davis attributes the increases in MHealthy program participation to listening to faculty and staff feedback.

“Launching Active U and Rewards simultaneously, simplifying online access to the health questionnaire and activities, rewarding participants for each step they complete and now, extending the deadline to participate in Rewards, are improvements we’ve made based on our customers’ needs,” Palma-Davis says.

To take the 2011 health questionnaire by March 25 and register for eligible activities, go to



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