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Week of March 21, 2011



The American Society for Nutrition has chosen Dana Dolinoy, the Searle Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and assistant professor of environmental health sciences, School of Public Health, as recipient of the 2011 Norman Kretchmer Memorial Award in Nutrition and Development. This award is given to a young investigator for independent research to improve child health. Dolinoy’s research looks at how nutritional and environmental factors interact with epigenetic gene regulation to shape health and disease.



Linnea Chervenak, senior project manager, Ambulatory Care, U-M Hospitals and Health Centers, on her lifelong attraction to travel: “I always thought it was normal to travel to foreign countries.”


Author Pauline Kaldas poetry reading at 5:10 p.m. March 28, Angell Hall, with author T.J. Anderson.

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