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Week of October 11, 2010

Question of the Week

Do you find political ads helpful in your decision-making?

Beth Genné, 
joint professor in the Department of Dance, School of Music, Theatre & Dance; and Arts and Ideas, Residential College
“No, I don’t trust them. I think they tend to be exaggerated and the issues they purport to be talking about are more complex. I’m really sad about the tone ads have taken, and that people take them so seriously. The ads are more about the politics than the issues, and I’m disappointed that the media continue it.”
Briana Donaldson, 
U-M junior, Detroit
“Not necessarily. I pretty much ignore them since I know they’re trying to sway my opinion. I’d rather just do my own research and look at the facts for myself.”
Susan Pile
, director of Michigan Union and Student Services
“Actually, no. I find them to be misleading and I try to get information from specific candidates’ websites.”

—Compiled by Kristin Thomas; photos by Kristin Thomas.

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