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Week of September 27, 2010

Question of the Week

Now that the fall television lineup is out, what show are you looking forward to watching?

Susan Douglas, chair, Department of Communication Studies
“I’m looking forward to the second seasons of ‘Glee,’ ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘Modern Family,’ and to the season finales of ‘Rubicon’ and ‘Mad Men.’ As far as new shows, I have hopes for ‘The Defenders,’ ‘Outsourced,’ ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ maybe even ‘Undercovers.’ Early disappointments are the new ‘Hawaii 5-0,’ which does take itself too seriously, and ‘Detroit 1-8-7,’ which is too much like ‘NYPD Blue,’ but hokier.” Photo courtesy Susan Douglas.

Carol Williams, executive secretary, Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives
“I’ve waited all summer to see ‘Supernatural.’ It has a really creepy element with all the monsters, witches, vampires and werewolves. I like scary shows.” Photo by Jillian Bogater.
Myra Garcia, U-M freshman, Detroit
“I don’t watch TV that much. I’m too busy reading and doing homework. My first exam is next week. It’s a big change to be at school and I have to manage my time.” Photo by Jillian Bogater.

—Compiled by Jillian Bogater..

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