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Week of August 13, 2012


Dear University Record editor:

How you know the Apocalypse is near: “U-M William L. Clements Library presents a new exhibit ‘Murder Most Foul: Homicide in Early America’ featuring 15 different kinds of murder.” (University Record, week of July 9, 2012.) A noticeable omission: the papers of the murderer known as the Unabomber protectively archived in the U-M Library. As a grandparent, I urge a minimum age to view this Clements exhibit.

— Dale R. Leslie, U-M ’71

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Marti Towas, administrative assistant senior, Comprehensive Cancer Center, on learning to organize events: “Mostly you learn by doing and you learn how to make it better as you go along.”


“DNA and the Tree of Life” exhibit, through Oct. 19, Museum of Natural History rotunda.

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