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Week of August 13, 2012

Police Beat

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Burglary at Briarwood Medical Building

On July 29 a Briarwood Medical Building was broken into via a broken exterior window. A camera and box of medication vials were located outside the building. However other vials of medication were reported missing. Additionally an exterior window in a neighboring building was found broken, though it did not appear that entry had been made. The investigation is pending.

Use U-bolt locks to prevent bike thefts

Thefts of bicycles from the U-M campus continue to be a concern for U-M police, says Joe Piersante, interim chief of police. At least 67 bicycles have been reported stolen from campus locations in 2012.

“Most of these thefts can be prevented if owners would use sturdier bike locks,” Piersante says.

The Department of Public Safety recommends use of U-bolt locks, rather than flexible cable locks that easily are cut by thieves. The U-bolt locks usually are made from heavy metal that take longer for thieves to defeat.

Additionally U-M police urge bike owners to record the serial numbers of their bicycles in a safe place.

“When we recover a bicycle from a thief or re-sale shop, we can return it to its rightful owner if we have the serial number listed in a larceny report,” Piersante adds.

If anyone sees suspicious behavior in and around campus bike racks, contact the Department of Public Safety at 734-763-1131 or text 377911.

Café cable cut

A cable lock used to secure the security gate for the cafe in Hutchins Hall was found cut. Entry was not made, however, as a second cable remained intact. The incident, for which there are no suspects, occurred between 3 p.m. July 7 and 7:30 a.m. July 9.

Police investigate three sexual assaults

U-M police continue investigations into three July reports of sexual assaults on campus. In each of the three incidents, the subjects were known to each other.

On July 22, police were called at 6:30 a.m. to the Church Street Parking Structure for a reported fire in an elevator. Ann Arbor Fire Department personnel extinguished the fire before significant damage occurred. Cardboard and a piece of clothing had been ignited. The police investigation led to the arrest of two subjects who were watching nearby. Both have been charged with arson. Additionally the 23-year-old male has been charged with three counts of sexual assault for allegedly having sex with his 14-year-old partner and larceny from a motor vehicle. The latter charge alleges that he had stolen a lighter and shirt that were used to ignite the fire from a vehicle parked in a nearby structure.

At the University Hospital, a nurse reported July 22 to police that she had been inappropriately grabbed by a patient as she helped him back to his bed. She was not physically injured.

Early July 25, a juvenile staying at Markley Hall for a summer camp was found passed out in a lounge. She was taken to the U-M Emergency Department for evaluation and treatment. The follow-up investigation determined that she and other campers had left the residence hall after hours and been drinking on top of the Church Street Parking Structure, before returning to the hall around 4:30 a.m. One of the subjects is under investigation for sexual assault, furnishing alcohol to minors, possessing a fake driver’s license and minor in possession of alcohol.

Wallet stolen, found missing money

A South Quadrangle Hall resident reported July 11 that his wallet had been taken from his room. He reportedly had fallen asleep between 4 and 4:45 p.m. with his room door opened. The wallet was recovered July 31 in a recycling bin at the Modern Languages Building, however it was missing cash. There are no suspects.



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