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Week of November 14, 2011

University Housing to close Baits I residence hall

After considerable discussion and analysis, University Housing has decided that Baits I residence hall located on North Campus should be closed at the end of the 2011-12 academic year, and no longer be available for student housing.

The decision was based on guiding principles University Housing has followed in its planning and execution of the Residential Life Initiatives — strengthening the connections between living and learning, and creating vibrant neighborhoods.

“The Residential Life Initiatives have done much to advance the community living experiences at U-M,” says University Housing Director Linda Newman. “The configuration of the Baits I complex, its distance from Bursley dining, and looming costs make it difficult to recommend investment in the necessary infrastructure and renovations to create the type of facility that we want to provide.”

Baits II will continue to be a part of University Housing. The infrastructure improvements made there in 2008, and its location within the residential neighborhood of North Campus have been advantageous to making Baits II a successful first-year community. Other residential facilities on North Campus include Bursley Hall and the Northwood Community Apartments.

With more than 4,000 students, faculty and staff, and student families residing in those facilities, University Housing is committed to the initiatives that are enhancing the vibrancy and appeals of North Campus for all students, faculty and staff.

University Housing will work with the Baits regular staff to place them in other Housing facilities. Student residential staff will have the opportunity to apply for positions in other communities.

“I am extremely grateful for the dedicated attention that our colleagues have given to Baits I over the years,” Newman says. “I know that they will continue to do everything to maintain a good experience and community there and support the residents’ needs.”



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