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Week of October 24, 2011

Old school: U-M in History

Leading the class

During the World War II years of 1941-45, a faculty member incorporates a map of Southeast Asia into an Army Specialized Training Program class session. Photo courtesy Bentley Historical Library.

This month in history (12 years ago)

Upon his selection to share the 1999 Nobel Prize for physics, Martinus Veltman, the John D. MacArthur Professor Emeritus of Physics, said, “I’m the same person I was a week ago, but now I have a lot more friends than I realized.” Veltman, who retired from the Department of Physics in 1997, was the guest of honor at a dinner given by President Lee Bollinger, received a citation from the Board of Regents, assisted officials at the kick-off of the Illinois football game and presented a guest lecture. — The University Record

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Maj. Jonathan Liscombe, assistant professor of the Air Force Officer Education Program, on what inspires him: "People who sacrifice their well-being and wealth for others."


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