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Week of November 5, 2012

Old school: U-M in History


Vice presidential candidate Richard Nixon speaks at the Ann Arbor train station on a campaign whistle stop tour in 1952.  — Courtesy Bentley Historical Library

This month in history (86 years ago)

William Howard Taft, the country’s 27th president and a chief justice of the Supreme Court, was scheduled to speak Nov. 13, 1915, at Hill Auditorium. But as he prepared to dress for the speech, Taft realized his bags had been switched at the train station and he had been left with a suitcase filled with women’s clothing. His speech was delayed as his hosts scrambled to find appropriate evening attire. Later onstage, Taft told 3,000 people that he supported the idea of a League of Nations to guarantee peace. — Courtesy the Hail! To The Chief, Presidential Visits to the University of Michigan website

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Michael Turner, community outreach coordinator, Center for Educational Outreach, on being a musician: “The one thing that unifies people is music.”


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