The University Record, September 25, 1995

MTS services will end July 1

Michigan Terminal System (MTS), the University’s mainframe computer system, will become defunct July 1, 1996.

A gradual shift in the U-M community over the past two years has allowed nearly all faculty, staff and students to explore options for services formerly offered on MTS, such as messaging, storage and conferencing.

Changes effective Sept. 1 include a 10 percent increase in use rates and discontinuation of the plotting service. As the end date nears, other changes will make it more desirable for MTS users to change to other providers for their computing needs.

The intent is to stop putting funds in MTS accounts that are no longer used. Unless they have requested a customized split, individuals who are still actively using MTS will have their computing allocation split with 60 percent going to their MTS request accounts and 40 percent to their UMCE individual accounts.

MTS users can expect an additional 90 percent rate increase in January, effectively doubling last year’s rates. Also in January, MTS users will no longer be able to use their Information Technology Division (ITD) Computing Allocation to pay for e-mail and conferencing services on MTS.

Other changes to MTS services anticipated for January include elimination of the time-of-day discounts, discontinuation of the line printer service and a reduction in the attended hours from 24 hours per day on weekdays and 14 hours per day on weekends to eight hours per day, five days per week.

It is ITD’s goal to make sure that all MTS users are able to migrate from MTS to alternatives services. For assistance in finding alternative to the services you now use on MTS, attend one of the InfoTech Expo sessions, 1–6 p.m. Tuesdays in Room 3010 SEB, the new School of Education Campus Computing Site.

Those with questions or concerns about MTS rates should contact the ITD Accounts Office, 764-8000, or send e-mail to